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SimplePay is a fast-growing software company providing a cloud-based payroll software solution aimed at making processing correct and compliant payroll as stress-free as possible. We are a dynamic team with a single purpose: simple, compliant payroll and a stellar customer experience.

We presently have clients in South Africa, Singapore, Ireland and Hong Kong, with a view to further expansion in the near future.

A word from our founder

In 2009 I made the very difficult decision to quit a well-paying software development job. I wasn't sure it was for me. I needed some time to think about my career and life. So I did what seemed like the most logical thing at the time: I bought a ticket to Argentina, with no idea when I'd be coming back.

While unwinding in South America, the hunger to create slowly returned. I thought that perhaps the company I'd like to work for didn't exist yet, and that I'd have to go about creating it if I'd like to stay in the software industry. I evaluated a few ideas, and payroll software came out on top: an industry that suffered from a severe lack of innovation.

I went about creating a product, launched it, and then... nothing. I learnt a few lessons on how to run a business in those first few years. At times it felt like giving up would be a good idea. I dabbled in a few other projects, until eventually committing myself 100% to SimplePay again and started building a team in Cape Town. It turns out the most important thing when starting a business is determination, not intelligence (many intelligent people use their brains to think of reasons why things can't be done).

Today, more than 35,000 companies globally rely on us for their payroll processing needs, and we're just getting started. Without the pressures of having external investors, we've been able to build a product that we can be proud of, rather than being focused on selling to as many customers as we can find. I feel that ultimately this will result in a more sustainable business and a better experience for you.

We are now investing in expanding our global reach by doing what we do best: paying attention to making legal compliance a happy experience.

Dave Ungerer


Dave (Founder)

BSc Hons Computer Science (Rand Afrikaans University / UJ)
He’s the guy who took on the challenge of changing the payroll landscape. Dave has over 16 years experience in development, though these days he spends more time building and managing the team while he yearns for some quiet coding time.

Desmore (Customer Experience Manager)

BCom Hons Industrial Psychology (University of the Western Cape)
Desmore focuses on ensuring that our customers have positive experiences when interacting with us. In his time away from SimplePay, he likes to go camping or for long walks with his 4-year-old dog, Fiji. According to Desmore, these breaks away from people allow him to recharge and come back to work full of Customer-Champion energy. Even when customers walk away happy with SimplePay, he is always looking to improve our offering.

Muhammed (Legal Analyst)

LLB (University of KwaZulu-Natal)
Muhammed is passionate about innovation and productivity, always looking to improve the way things work. Combining his legal training and experience within the Financial Services Industry, he brings a unique set of skills to the SimplePay legal team. Outside the virtual office, Muhammed enjoys hiking, gaming, and scouring the internet for the funniest memes.

James (Developer)

BSc Electrical Engineering & Computer Science (University of Cape Town)
James, well what can we say about our James, he enjoys long walks on the beach, coding and doesn’t take things all too serious. James plays a vital role in bug fixing and creating some of the awesome features that we have available to our customers.

Sharvy (Developer)

BSc in Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering (University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh)
Full stack developer from Bangladesh who cares about the user experience. Passionate about programming, food and travelling. Driven to get things done and willing to put in the work. Christopher Nolan fan.

Raul (Developer)

Master's Degree in IT Systems for Business & Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science
Raul enjoys coding and building software that makes a difference for clients and businesses. He is passionate about travelling, technology and sports, especially martial arts.

Ashish (Project Engineering Lead)

Bachelor's, Engineering (University of Mumbai)
Ashish seeks to achieve perfection, whether it be solving customer needs / problems or improving the work environment to do so. He loves reading and working on open source, when not spending time with the family.

Alan (Business Analyst)

BSc Chemical Engineering (University of Cape Town)
Alan engineers the solutions needed to bond the business and technical aspects of SimplePay. He could tell you a chemistry joke, but it wouldn’t get a reaction.

Christelle (Legal Analyst)

BA International Studies (Stellenbosch University); LLB (University of Cape Town)
Christelle works closely with our Product Team to ensure that we are kept up to date and compliant while operating in each of our regions. With her background in litigation, she strives to be thorough and pays close attention to detail. Christelle has green thumbs and is at her happiest in the wilderness.

Matthew (Software Tester Team Lead)

BCom Business Management & Industrial Psychology (University of South Africa)
As a tester, Matthew ensures that all new and existing system functionality is simple, easy to use and continues to keep our customers compliant with the relevant regulations and legislation.

Modiehi (Software Tester)

BCom Information Systems (University of Cape Town)
As a software tester she ensures the quality of our product offering is always maintained. Her valuable experience in customer support drives her focus to ensure the best solutions are implemented to maintain good user experience. She has a passion for technology and its endless possibilities, especially where it creates disruption and allows innovation.

Luwade (Software Tester)

LLB (University of KwaZulu-Natal)
Luwade is a down to earth individual, who enjoys the mysteries of life. His interests cross various fields from law to the tech space. QA was originally an unanticipated path for him but he found an interest very quickly in the way it supports the remaining cogs of the business. He enjoys watching a good anime and a game or two on the PS.

Elvira (Sales Specialist)

As the Customer Success Consultant, Elvira assists clients with onboarding to SimplePay. She has a passion for customers as well as teaching and absolutely loves showing clients how simple our system really is. She is currently studying towards her Bachelor's degree in Teaching and has close to 10 years customer service experience. In her free time, she enjoys doing voluntary work and competing in obstacle races.

Moosa (Quality Assurance Analyst)

Moosa’s aim is to ensure that every client that has reached out to us for assistance, feels that they are valued and have had the best experience when dealing with us. Aside from delivering amazing customer service, food is Moosa’s greatest passion. He would love to travel the world and learn the different culinary styles of the different cultures that he experiences.

Rose (Senior Bookkeeper)

BCompt Financial Accounting (University of South Africa)
Rose takes ownership of her clients' queries and enjoys educating and assisting her clients in attaining the best payroll resolution for each query. Outside of work, Rose enjoys spending quality time with her family and dancing.

Jeremy (Developer)

BSc Computer Science & Computer Games Development, BSc Hons Computer Science (University of Cape Town)
Jeremy enjoys writing software that is fast, bug free, and most importantly, simple. In his spare time, he works on personal projects, enjoys some gaming, and plays guitar - often all at once!

Tauhir (Software Escalations Team Lead)

BSc Mathematics & Computer Science (University of South Africa)
Tauhir has a relentless desire to deliver the highest level of service to clients and provide the ideal solution for them. When Tauhir isn’t helping customers solve their queries, you’ll find him in his backyard bringing cars back to life.

Catherine (Payroll Software Support Consultant)

BSc in Business Administration (University of the East - Philippines)
Catherine's main focus is to ensure that she helps the customers get the right resolution that they require. Photography is her passion, stating “you have to focus on the important details to get the best shot”. She brings this into her customer service, as she has to stay focused to give each customer excellent service.

Lance (Product Specialist)

Bachelor of Arts in Multimedia Arts (De La Salle - College of Saint Benilde)
Lance has 7 years in the customer service industry, and as such always makes sure to provide the best level of service to all clients. He is very active, and loves playing different sports and doing outdoor activities.

Chris (Sales Specialist)

Chris strives to give his absolute best to each and every client that he deals with. His aim is to make clients feel at ease and have the peace of mind that any queries brought to his attention are dealt with in a swift and timeous manner. In his free time, Chris enjoys spending time with his family and occasionally enjoys “wrecking” friends in FIFA.

Danelle (Content Creator and Social Media Specialist)

As someone who has a passion for helping others, Danelle strives to ensure that all clients that she interacts with are left with a solution to their query and a smile on their face. When not going above and beyond for clients, Danelle can be found making music in studios, on stages, or around bonfires.

Shirlynn (Sales and Customer Success Specialist)

Shirlynn is someone who holds her clients interactions to high standards. This is why she gets the most motivation from knowing her clients are well taken care of. In her free time, you'll be able to find her scouring the internet for homeware or hopping on her bicycle for an evening ride to wind down.

Amber (Internal Training Specialist)

Amber is a passionate people person that has 10 years of experience in customer services and 5 years within the learning and development field. She is family orientated and enjoys cooking, spending time at the beach and playing pretend with her daughter.

Amjad (Legal Analyst)

LLB (University of the Western Cape)
Amjad is a former Civil and Commercial attorney from Cape Town, with a passion for legal research, technology, and productivity. As a legal analyst, he is part of keeping our product up to date with the ever-evolving legal landscapes around tax and payroll in the various regions in which we operate in. Outside of the office, Amjad is quite the martial arts and fitness enthusiast and spends most of his time either enjoying some or other training, spending quality time with his toddler, or running with his dog.

Riyaad (Customer Support Team Lead)

Riyaad, has extensive experience in various customer service and team lead roles across many industries. He is calm under pressure and customer-focused. A few of his passions include playing 5-a-side football with his friends, anything to do with cars and enjoying new experiences. His ideology is that hard work yields great results.

Darren (Customer Support Specialist)

Higher Certificate in Economics and Management Science
Darren is a customer support and experience professional that has gained extensive experience working in startup environments. He enjoys financial literature and looks up to individuals such as Warren Buffett and Benjamin Graham. In his free time, he finds himself enjoying the company of his family and assessing investment opportunities on the JSE.

Kath (People Ops Lead)

BBusSci Hons Marketing (University of Cape Town) & PGCE in Mathematics and Economics (University of South Africa)
Kath is on a mission to build and nurture a cohesive, engaged and happy team at SimplePay - helping each member identify their unique destination and enjoy their journey getting there. She is a proudly imperfect and simple soul who enjoys picnics, the sun and the sea.

Busi (Product Specialist)

Bachelor of Science in Business Information Systems (University of Malawi Polytechnic)
Busi is a curious wanderer, fascinated by exploring different places, people and cultures. As a Product Specialist, she’s passionate about technological solutions for business problems and believes that great customer service is the essence of a successful business and life altogether.

Nicky (Product Specialist)

Bachelor of Administration (University of the Western Cape)
As someone who comes from a customer service background, Nicky strives to provide the best customer service to our clients. She takes pride in going the extra mile and making sure that all clients’ queries are resolved. In her free time, Nicky enjoys cooking, reading, karaoking and spending time with elders.

Justin (Product Specialist)

As a Product Specialist on the team, Justin strives every day to make a positive impact on his clients and team members, whether that involves solving their issues or cracking a bad joke. In his spare time, you will often find him playing games, walking his cat (please don’t ask), learning and programming (aka frantic keyboard smashing).

Msimelelo (Business Analyst)

BSc Hons Information Systems (Rhodes University)
Msimelelo is a former Full Stack Software Developer from East London with a passion for technology, process flows and User Experience Design. As a part of the Product team, he works closely with the analyst / developer teams and all relevant stakeholders to bridge the gap between the business and technical functions of SimplePay. Outside of the office, you’ll find Msimelelo watching motor sports or surfing the internet for the latest motoring news.

Alondra (People Operations Specialist)

Bachelor of Social Science in Industrial Psychology and Sociology (University of Cape Town) & Certificate in Labour Dispute Resolution Practice (University of Stellenbosch)
Alondra comes from a Labour Law background and is a passionate people’s person. Full of smiles, love, laughter and wit, she hopes to make a positive impact on all she meets. She is a road runner who likes biscuits, especially shortbread, and is a Grey’s Anatomy fan.