New Feature: Pro-Rate Custom Items

SimplePay automatically calculates and applies a pro-rate percentage to the Basic Salary of employees if they do not work for a full pay period i.e. the are appointed after the start of a pay period or terminated before the end of a pay period. We’ve received several requests to allow for the pro-rata percentage to be applied to other items, and are delighted to announce that this functionality is now available for certain custom items.

When creating a custom item that is an Income, Allowance or Deduction item, there is now an additional option to enable pro-rate for this custom item if the Input Type has been set up as “Fixed Amount” or “Amount per Employee”:

  • To read more about setting up custom items with this functionality, refer to our Custom Items help page.
  • For more information on how SimplePay calculates the pro-rata percentage, refer to this help page.

We hope this new functionality makes processing payroll for new or terminated employees slightly easier. If you have any questions or suggestions on how we can improve this, please reach out to our Support team.

Team SimplePay

New System Policy for Childcare Leave

SimplePay’s leave functionality provides extensive flexibility that allows you to customise your leave settings and policies to suit your needs. However, given the complexities of childcare and extended childcare leave in Singapore, the SimplePay team have been hard at work behind the scenes to deliver a system policy for childcare leave that takes all the hassles of changing variables away. We’re happy to announce that this policy is now live!

The system policy will automatically calculate the correct leave entitlement for childcare leave, taking into account:

  • the age of the employee’s youngest child,
  • the citizenship of the employee’s youngest child, and
  • the length of service of the employee.

This means that you’ll no longer need to manually calculate leave pro-ratas, determine an employee’s eligibility or change the number of days that they’re entitled to.

This new policy also introduces a new section to an employee’s profile, called the Family Information page. This page can be used to capture the information for an employee’s children so that the system policy can correctly calculate the childcare leave entitlement for the employee.

For detailed information on how this policy and functionality works, please check out our help page here.

We hope this improvement to the system makes capturing payroll an even simpler experience for you.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please reach out to our Support team.

Team SimplePay

New Feature: Batch Pay Beneficiaries

In March 2021, we introduced beneficiaries to the system (refer to our blog post dated 9 March). We’ve now expanded this feature to allow you to pay beneficiaries in bulk.

When creating a pay run, you can now download the GIRO export file next to the beneficiaries report in the same way that you would for the net salaries due to your employees. You can then upload it into your banking portal and pay your beneficiaries in bulk. This saves you the effort of having to set them up as recipients in your banking portal and there is no need to manually type the amounts that need to be paid to each beneficiary, reducing the risk of human error, which could be costly.

For more information on beneficiaries, check out our help page here.

If you need any assistance with this feature or you’d like to give a shout out to the team for their work on this, please reach out to our Support team.

Team SimplePay