New Features

We’re happy to announce the following new changes that have recently been made to the system:

  • Company-wide setting for annual leave days entitlement per year. To change the annual leave entitlement, just go to Settings -> Payroll Calculations -> Leave, and enter the value there. The default for newly created companies will be 14 days.
  • Added ability to set full CPF contributions for employees in first or second year of permanent residence.
  • Employees can now see their available annual leave balance and history on self-service.
  • Fixed error where minimum SDL contribution of $2 was calculated for $0 income payslips, instead of $0 SDL contribution.
  • Round down total SDL on monthly CPF Return.
  • Pro-rata calculation for partial months worked / unpaid leave now uses correct MOM calculation, using actual number of working days in the month rather than in an average month.