Lots of New Features

We are very excited to tell you about all the useful features we’ve developed over the last few months.

Brand new leave system

The new functionality includes the ability to allocate employees’ leave entitlement upfront by simply checking a box. Also, you will be able to create custom leave types so that our system can better mirror what is happening in your business.

Posting to Xero via bill

We have expanded our integration with the beautiful Xero accounting software. The functionality of posting to Xero via bill will allow you to post your SGD payroll to a bank account that’s in another currency, e.g. USD.

Improved tax clearance process

We have simplified the tax clearance process for foreign employees who cease to work for you in Singapore. Our system will automatically exclude such employees from the e-submission file for IRAS if you have checked the relevant box.

Expanded employee self-service functionality

Your employees can now use our Info Update Request feature to request changes to their personal information such as banking details. You can then simply click to approve the request, and the information will be updated.

Importing clocking data from Deputy

You can now import clocking information from Deputy directly into our system by downloading a CSV file from Deputy.

New help site

If you click on any of the links above, you will be directed to our expanded and comprehensive new help site. Many users have already found it to be very useful and informative – for both background on payroll concepts and system usage.

Coming soon…

We are busy integrating with IRAS to make filing seamless instead of manually uploading XML files. So watch this space for a significantly easier and improved filing process.

Hong Kong: This is currently in development. Please get in touch for more info!

We trust that all of this will make your payroll processing even simpler and, as always, we value any feedback you might have.