New Feature: Approver Override

We’re all about helping your business be more efficient, which is why we have a mobile app and self-service portal that allows employees to log their own requests for leave, info updates and claims. But what happens when the approver for that request is on leave? Does the request hang in limbo, bringing your payroll processing to a grinding halt? Now it doesn’t have to. Introducing our new approver override function for Full Admin users.

Full Admin users now have the option to step in and make decisions on pending requests that they are not an approver on. The Full Admin’s approval temporarily overrides the need for it to be approved by the approvers in the approval group – in other words, it bypasses the whole approval structure and the Full Admin user’s decision is taken as final.

For more information on how this works, head to our Approval Override help page.

Need assistance with this new feature? Have an idea for how we can improve this? Get in contact with our helpful Support team who are ready to listen and assist if needed.

Team SimplePay

Annual Limit for Reimbursements

We’ve heard your requests for setting an annual limit for custom reimbursement items and are happy to announce that this feature is now available. This new feature allows you to set an annual cap that applies to the cumulative value of reimbursements from both self-service requests and payroll administrator capturing.

If you wish to use this feature, you’ll first need to contact our Support team, as this is currently a free-of-charge opt-in feature.

Once the feature has been enabled, a new field called Reimbursement Limit Type will be available when creating or editing a custom reimbursement item. If you change the dropdown menu for this field from “Unlimited” to “Fixed per year”, a new field called Annual reimbursement limit will appear. This field allows you to set the maximum that can be reimbursed for this item per employee per year.

Once the limit is set, approvers will not be able to approve claim requests that exceed this limit (although employees will still be able to submit the request) and payroll administrators will also not be able to capture values for this payslip item if it exceeds the annual limit.

We hope that you love this new feature and that it helps make managing reimbursements even easier. For more information on custom items, head to this help page.

As always, please feel free to reach out if you need any assistance.

Team SimplePay