Annual Limit for Reimbursements

We’ve heard your requests for setting an annual limit for custom reimbursement items and are happy to announce that this feature is now available. This new feature allows you to set an annual cap that applies to the cumulative value of reimbursements from both self-service requests and payroll administrator capturing.

If you wish to use this feature, you’ll first need to contact our Support team, as this is currently a free-of-charge opt-in feature.

Once the feature has been enabled, a new field called Reimbursement Limit Type will be available when creating or editing a custom reimbursement item. If you change the dropdown menu for this field from “Unlimited” to “Fixed per year”, a new field called Annual reimbursement limit will appear. This field allows you to set the maximum that can be reimbursed for this item per employee per year.

Once the limit is set, approvers will not be able to approve claim requests that exceed this limit (although employees will still be able to submit the request) and payroll administrators will also not be able to capture values for this payslip item if it exceeds the annual limit.

We hope that you love this new feature and that it helps make managing reimbursements even easier. For more information on custom items, head to this help page.

As always, please feel free to reach out if you need any assistance.

Team SimplePay

Self-Service Employee Claim Requests

Update (13 August 2020): We’ve expanded this feature to include an input for hours worked by employees who are hourly paid.

We love innovating to make payroll simpler and our new self-service employee claims feature does just that.

Our employee self-service option was built to ease the administration burden that comes with payroll:

  • Employees can access historic payslips and tax certificates at any time without having to ask the payroll administrator to send it to them. 
  • Leave requests allow employees to request leave and upload supporting documentation (such as medical certificates), saving you the hassle of having to remember to record leave or follow up with employees for their supporting documentation.
  • Info update requests allow employees to request changes to their basic information, ensuring that you have up-to-date and accurate information for employees.

Our new feature expands self-service to allow employees to submit inputs for the following payslip items:

  • Expense claims
  • Custom items, with the Input Type as “Once-off for specified payslips”, “Different on every payslip”, “Hourly rate * factor * hours” and “Custom rate * quantity”

Employees can enter the amounts that they wish to claim and upload supporting documentation. An approver simply needs to approve the request. It will then be added to the employee’s next draft payslip without the payroll administrator needing to capture any of these payslip amounts. In addition to saving the payroll administrator processing time, it also takes the hassle out of verifying claims, since a separate approver (such as a direct line manager) can be set up for this purpose.

Note: As this is an opt-in feature (for now), you need to request it from our support team, at no additional charge. More information on how this feature works can be found on our help page here.

Not a SimplePay client but you want to use our self-service feature? Unfortunately this feature is only available to SimplePay clients. The good news is that we offer a 30 day free trial and sign up is a breeze! You can find out more and sign up for a trial here. Come and experience the joy of stress-free payroll.

Team SimplePay